Exfoliate 8-12 hours before your appointment and moisturize your skin.

• Shower right before your appointment (with water only).

• Following this shower, do not apply lotion, perfume or deodorant.

• Wear dark & loose fitting garments.

• Do not wear any jewelry.

Depending on what solution is chosen, the product will rest on your skin from 30 minutes to 8 hours. During this period, do not plan any sweating or any liquids coming in contact with your skin. (ex. physical activity, manual work…)


You can rinse off after 30 to 90 minutes OR 6 to 8 hours following your appointment. (Follow the technicians advice)

• After every shower apply moisturizer in order to make your tan last.

• Avoid oil-based products to not make your spray fade faster.

• The colour stays on 5 to 7 days.

***N.B. Our "30-90 minutes" solutions rinse off completely after your first shower and develop gradually during the next 12 hours.