Friday Sprays 30$ (tx in)

150$ - 31 days of unlimited in-salon spray tans

* Mobile tanning is offered @ 90$/hour *  


Perform any manicure or pedicure before application; Make sure you clean the oils or lotions they have applied on you as they will act as a barrier against the solution.

Wax, shave & hair removal has to be done 24 hours before the appointment. If you make them too close to your tanning session, the solution may get stuck in your pores.

Exfoliate 8-12h before your appointment and moisturize your skin afterwards. Use an exfoliating glove to 1. scour the dead skin cells

Before your appointment, take a warm shower, without soap. To clean the oils or impurities to leave the skin completely clean.

Do not apply any lotion, perfume or deodorant after showering.

During the application you can wear a swimsuit, underwear and / or bra or be naked. Whatever you wear, you will have these tan lines.

Wear loose, dark clothing for your comfort.

Do not wear jewelry.

Depending on the chosen solution, you will have to let the product rest on your skin between 30 minutes and 8 hours. During this time, do not expect any perspiration or liquids that may be in contact with your skin. (Eg physical activities, manual work, caresses with your animals, etc.)


Avoid sweating & wetting your skin.

You can rinse with warm water SOAP FREE after 30 to 90 minutes OR 6 to 8 hours. (Follow technician's instructions.) It is important not to use soap as the residue may discolour tan unevenly. We always suggest doing a deep rinse and using soap only in the necessary areas.

After each shower, apply a moisturizer on your skin. Make sure it is free of oils. You can mix this cream in the bath water. It works very well.

Drink a lot of water. Although it does not seem necessary, it is very important to keep your skin hydrated. This will ensure a longer tan that will disappear evenly.

Avoid heavy oil products so you do not slip the tan spray.

The color remains 5 to 7 days on the skin.

*** N.B. Our "30-90 minutes" waiting solutions rinse thoroughly during your first shower and gradually develop within 12 hours.